Lee Summers

19 April 2018

A Chislehurst man, Lee Summers, 46, who left school at 15, is on course to have his building company achieve a one million pound turnover.

Two years ago he established a building firm, which is expected to more than double its current £400,000 turnover.

He spoke to News Shopper about his problems at school.

“I was always a little rebellious and I just wanted to get out,” he said.

“From a young age I felt a lot of what they taught didn’t apply to the real world.”

Mr. Summers said he was the “class-clown” in school and would smoke, fight and refuse to listen to authority.

A threat of jail time inspired the “typical tear away rebel” to sort his life out.

After being in court for under age driving – Mr. Summers decided to go the Bromley careers office where he saw a leaflet for a building apprenticeship.

Having grown up without a father – he felt his boss was a good influence after sending him to college to study bricklaying for three years.

“That turned my life around,” he said. “I didn’t want to be in and out of court or prison.”

After being a bricklayer for four or five years, Mr. Summers believed earning the same wage each week wouldn’t suit him in the long run.

He travelled the world doing various things before working for himself.

Two years ago he set up Oakmore Builders in Bromley.

Asked about its rapid success – he said: “It is amazing at the moment.”

“We have grown to become one of the leading building companies operating

throughout Bromley and I am hoping to continue this positivity, with further growth and investing in the creation of new jobs.”

The successful managing director advised youngsters to find an apprenticeship if school wasn’t for them.

“I wouldn’t tell anybody to be naughty and get kicked out. Try to pay attention and be the best you can be, but if school is not for you then it’s not for you.”