Coulcil's parking restrictions

2 May 2018

The boss of a Bromley building firm is calling on the council to overhaul its ‘frustrating’ parking restrictions, which could potentially put companies out of business.

Lee Summers, owner of Oakmore Builders, argues that current restrictions across the Borough could cost his business in excess of £6,500 each year, while also impacting on other businesses operating multiple vehicles.

Oakmore Builders’ workforce operates 10 vehicles and the council’s dispensation charge for one vehicle is £12.59 per week.

As a result of the restrictions, Mr Summers’ staff often find themselves dropping their tools and machinery off at the sites of ongoing projects and parking their vehicles far away to avoid a fine, which is impacting on the company’s efficiency and productivity.

According to the council there are specific restrictions at different locations across the Borough to achieve a balance of safe parking and traffic flow, while offering some dispensations for parking for the type of work trades and Oakmore carries out. It also states that loading and unloading can be undertaken, but that it needs to be continuous in its action, without vehicles being left for the convenience of storing tools, unless authorised dispensation is provided.

However, Lee is calling for there to be a more common sense approach to the parking restrictions, especially for tradespeople who need the use of their vehicles while on site.

Lee Summers, Managing Director of Oakmore Builders, said: “At the end of the day, we are the businesses pumping money into the local economy and through the council, so we deserve a fair shake. I acknowledge that there are restrictions in place, and some dispensation can be granted, but more needs to be done because it can cost firms like mine, which operate multiple vehicles, a lot of money in charges, and productivity that will impact on customer satisfaction.

“It is incredibly frustrating that we are penalised and fined simply for parking outside of our building projects. We don’t park on restricted access areas, nor do we park across school gates or wait on red routes or bus lanes, only on the roads outside of our projects, which are mostly home extension projects.”

Lee added: “How can we possibly park our vehicles literally miles away from active sites? In some cases, our tradesmen have refused to work for us because they are unable to find a parking space! This parking rule is seriously jeopardising the future growth of my company, and potentially many others.

“Surely the London Borough of Bromley would want to encourage the ease of operation of credible tradesmen and reputable building companies simply going about their work?”

Established in 2015 by former apprentice Lee, Oakmore Builders has grown to become a leading building company throughout Bromley and across South East London, specialising in home extension projects, luxury kitchens and bathrooms, and all major building services.