Lee Summers meets Arnold Schwarzenegger in Germany

19 September 2019

The boss of Oakmore Builders, Bromley’s leading building company, received a VIP invite from Champion Tour EU to meet politician, actor, filmmaker, businessman, author, and former professional bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Germany this week.

Lee Summers, Oakmore founder and CEO, has more in common with the former Governor of California than you might think.

Lee, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, comes from humble beginning’s and believes that with a dream, vision and hard work anything is possible.

“I love it when somebody tells me something can’t be done.”, says the Oakmore entrepreneur. “Things are only impossible up until the point somebody does it”, he adds. Schwarzenegger, who has done so much for great causes world-wide agrees, even trying to convince President Trump that global warming is a real threat to civilisation. “Unfortunately, politics gets in the way of common sense and is a real battle when money and power over rule it.”, says he.

Oakmore Builders share a passion with the former 5 time Mr Universe and care deeply about the harm we are doing to the planet. Green issues and the local environment are our deepest concerns. We install up to date energy saving materials on all of our projects as much as we possibly can, and keep in strict accordance with British standards and local building control.

“Arni is an amazing motivational speaker and really inspires people to change bad into good”, Lee added.

Established in 2015 by former apprentice Lee Summers, Oakmore Builders has grown to become a leading building company throughout Bromley and across South East London, specialising in home extension projects, luxury kitchens and bathrooms, and all major building services.